NJPW – Hiromu Takahashi Calls out Will Ospreay, Ospreay Responds

Will Ospreay (Photo credit: Forbes)

Former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi has issued a challenge to UK star Will Ospreay, he made the following comments after the G1 Climax finals this week:

“Ahhhh, I’m hyped up! Excited for some pain! You know who I mean! That son of a b*tch who ruined my fairytale story! Will Ospreay! Let’s do it again! Every time I think of you at night, I can’t get any sleep! Where are you Ospreay? You’re in my damn head! Get out of my mind and in the ring! So when you do, we can have more, more, more! More!!! MORE!!!! Fun together.”

Credit to @NewJapanProNewsFeed for the translation

The current plans call for Ospreay and Takahashi to meet at the Destruction shows in September, with the winner of the bout becoming the number 1 contender to KUSHIDA’s IWGP Junior title.