NJPW Permits First-Ever “Social Media Showdown” During Showdown In LA

New Japan Pro-Wrestling is permitting fans to record video and upload to social media for the first time ever during their upcoming Showdown in LA event.

New Japan Showdown

New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) has announced it will be allowing video recording and social media uploads for the first time ever during their upcoming Showdown event in Los Angeles.

This is being done to coincide with the company’s inauguration of New Japan Pro-Wrestling of America. The first events of this new branch of NJPW take place on November 9th and 11th. They are titled Showdown in San Jose and Los Angeles, respectively. Only the show in L.A. has been specifically mentioned for this Social Media Showdown.

In an official statement, NJPW acknowledged that “Normally video recording and social media upload is strictly prohibited at NJPW events. November 11 sees an exception, as for one night only, we bring you a Social Media Showdown! Share the live energy and phenomenal action that only NJPW provides!”

They have set some ground rules for fans, however:

  • Feel free to film and share the action from all the matches. We ask that fans refrain from filming entrances, after ending the match and the event open due to music rights.
  • When you share video, keep clips to no longer than 30 seconds, and use hashtags #NJoA and #njshowdown to make sure your message gets spread far and wide!
  • Shooting video for commercial use is prohibited.

If you are interested in attending, tickets are still available for both Showdown shows. The company is also hosting several meet and greets, allowing fans to meet Kota Ibushi, Minoru Suzuki, SANADA and Toru Yano.