NJPW President Comments On Departing Talent & Critics Of Booking

Harold Meij NJPW
NJPW President Harold Meij

New Japan Pro Wrestling President, Harold Meij, recently took part in an interview with NJPW1972.com. During the interview, Meij commented about the departures of Kenny Omega and the members of the Elite. He also issued a response to his critics who say NJPW is currently too focussed on international expansion.

NJPW commentator, Chris Charlton, provided the translations.

“Meij: ‘Talent will come & go. That’s life. Half of Japanese people have had more than one occupation. More overseas. There are different life stages, priorities change. What counts is that while here, ppl shine as bright as possible & produce the best product possible for us’”

Harold Meij On NJPW Booking and Departing Talent

Meij has come under criticism from some NJPW fans as of late for what they perceive as focussing too much on appealing to international fans.

“I often see talk along the lines of ‘since Meij came in, they’re only looking at international, they don’t care about Japan.’ That couldn’t be more wrong,” Meij continued.

“New Japan has gotten to the stage that the world has taken notice of it and we can do these things abroad. I’m not pushing the company international; if anything it’s the other way round. I’m doing my job as a professional to fulfill very strong demand.”

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