NJPW Teasing an Okada/Tanahashi Alliance

NJPW has recently been adding more English language content to their YouTube channel. One of the new web series entitled ‘The Wire’ has posed an intriguing question to the fans of New Japan. Will Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada form an alliance?

‘The Ace’ of New Japan Tanahashi broke up an attack by the Firing Squad on Okada at the ‘Road To’ Power Struggle event on October 27th. Tanahashi stormed the ring and attacked Jay White, Tanga Loa and Bad Luck Fale. Tama Tonga then joined in the fray and got taken down by a double back elbow by Okada and Tanahashi.

The Okada/Tanahashi feud is one of the most pivotal in New Japan’s history. The two men have had some incredible matches in the past. Okada stated in a recent backstage interview that “shaking hands (with Tanahashi) was…friendly. I guess, for the first time, Tanahashi has finally made a friend. But, that doesn’t mean we are going to team up. But, let me thank you for helping me this time.

Tanahashi also made some interesting comments, stating that “Even I don’t know what is going to happen. Pro Wrestling is…not only about betrayal.