NJPW World Service Sees Boost For Wrestle Kingdom XI

Wrestle Kingdom 11 was arguably one of the greatest events in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s history and was viewed by more fans than ever before on the NJPW World service.

During the English language broadcast of the New Year Dash show it was announced by commentator Steve Corino that there were around 10,000 new subscribers for the Wrestle Kingdom show with around 5,500 of these being from outside Japan and this takes the total subscriber count to around 60,000.

In terms of a global streaming network and comparable to WWE’s Network these are small numbers however it is important to remember that the website/sign up process for NJPW World is still only available in Japanese (although a basic google translate option is available) and that the majority of shows are broadcast at ‘unsociable’ hours in Europe and the United States.

Discussion: Did you sign up for NJPW World to watch Wrestle Kingdom? Will you be keeping your subscription going?