Noelle Foley Recalls Nerve-Racking WWE Tryouts

Noelle Foley recalls the stressful experience of her WWE tryout in 2016

Mick Foley’s daughter, Noelle Foley was at one point training to be a wrestler and she even had a tryout with WWE in 2016 but her wrestling career never picked up.

During the tryout, Noelle was also subject to a WWE Network reality show dubbed Holy Foley! The show followed the WWE Hall Of Famer and his family and according to Noelle, the whole experience made her tryout even more stressful.

She recently had an interview with WrestlingInc, where Foley talked about her WWE tryouts in 2016 and she called her experience of training for a wrestling career while also filming ‘nerve-racking’:

“Filming while training was incredible nerve-racking, it’s like you’re just learning but then you have all these eyes on you, and cameras, and trainers, even when I had my tryout, I looked out of the corner of my eye and I see Triple H, and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness.’

Though continuing on the topic, Noelle Foley said that the whole thing was a bit overwhelming at times but it’s also cool to look back now and realize that she actually did those things.

Unfortunately, after the tryout, Foley decided not to pursue a career in wrestling anymore and in a separate interview, Mick Foley had revealed that she decided to stop after suffering some serious injuries.