NWA 70th Anniversary Results: New Champions

NWA 70th Anniversary

The National Wrestling Alliance held its 70th Anniversary show on Sunday night from the Nashville Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee. Here is our live report:

Well, we’ve started things off and it sounds like there are some audio problems. We almost got some Jim Cornette commentary when he was not aware he was being broadcast.

We got backstage promos from Colt Cabana, Sammy Guevara, and Scorpio Sky.

The NWA National title tournament will consist of 2 4-way elimination matches with the winners facing each other in a single’s match later in the night.

1. NWA National Heavyweight Championship Semi-Final
Fatal 4-way
Colt Cabana vs Sammy Guevera vs Scorpio Sky vs Sam Shaw

Colt Cabana is the first eliminated after Kross rolled him up from behind and grabbed ahold of the trunks. The match had begun with a lot of comedy featuring Cobana.

Sky then eliminated Sammy Guevara with a shining wizard but then Shaw attacked Sky from behind and got the pin just moments later.

  • Colt Cabana eliminated 1st by Sam Shaw
  • Sammy Guevara eliminated 2nd by Scorpio Sky
  • Scorpio Sky eliminated by Sam Shaw

Winner: Sam Shaw

Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Blue Demon Jr, was interviewed ringside. He said no matter who wins the main event tonight, he wants to challenge them in Mexico.

2. Laredo Kid vs Barrett Brown

Brown is a 24-year-old from Texas who has been wrestling in NWA affiliates such as NWA Houston, NWA Elite. He’s wrestled for ROH previously and also was squashed by Braun Strowman on an episode of Raw once. Laredo Kid is an established luchador in Mexico, specifically with AAA. He’s defended his mask successfully 3x as well. Brown is the current NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion but it’s not clear if Corgan’s NWA will eventually recognize that title.

Cornette really did not enjoy the Canadian Destroyer piledriver spot in this match, referring to it as the stupidest move in wrestling as it hurts both guys. Brown picked up the win with a running knee to the face.

Winner: Barrett Brown

Mike Parrow looked as though he was saying something interesting backstage but the audio was not available. Jenn Decker then gave her second no-audio interview of the evening this time with Willie Mack.

Audio and James Ellsworth both showed up during the final moments of Jay Bradley’s interview.

“Absolute” Ricky Starks visited the commentary booth to give an intro to his music video/video package. His video package seemed to have a 1980’s Miami Vice theme to it. It was basically just him in different poses while a guitar solo played.

Magnum TA was interviewed ringside. He talked about all the greats who have wrestled for the NWA previously. Magnum TA also called this a “new day” for the NWA. He will present the NWA National Title to the winner of the tournament later on the card. Magnum continued to say the winner of the tournament would make a good contender for the NWA World Heavyweight title.

His step-daughter, Tessa Blanchard, recently named her codebreaker from the top rope move “Magnum” after him. I thought that was interesting enough to bring up.

3. NWA National Heavyweight Championship Semi-Final
Fatal 4-way
Willie Mack vs Jay Bradley vs Mike Parrow vs Ricky Starks

Here’s how Sean Waltman let people know he was watching the show:

Starks was really making it clear he’s a cocky heel we’re supposed to hate.

Big Mike Parrow came out with the Pride flag as the commentary team talked about how proud he is to represent the LGBTQ community. Parrow also competes for Major League Wrestling. Parrow was the first eliminated, however, as Ricky Starks rolled him up and grabbed the trunks. Cornette also pointed out that Parrow had one shoulder up.

Cornette really built up that Bradley’s big move is his lariat. We never saw it though, as he was the next eliminated. Willie Mack hit him with a frog splash for the pin. Starks was the next eliminated when Mack hit him with a stunner just a few spots later. This means it will be Willie Mack vs Sam Shaw later on the card.

  • Mike Parrow eliminated by Ricky Starks
  • Jay Bradley eliminated by Willie Mack
  • Ricky Starks eliminated by Willie Mack

Winner: Willie Mack

While Mack and Shaw were being interviewed ringside, Mack was blindsided by Bradley. James Ellsworth had to make the save to prevent a further beatdown. So it seems Mack will be going into the finals injured and with a disadvantage against his fresher opponent.

4. Tim Storm vs Peter Avalon

When Billy Corgan first took control of the NWA on October 1st, 2017, Tim Storm was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. As such, he was the featured star of 10 Pounds of Gold before Nick Aldis defeated him that December. Storm has continued to be a player for the brand in the months that would follow.

Avalon attacked him before the bell and did as many dirty heel tactics as you can think of, including getting his colorful-jacketed manager involved. Storm got the win after hitting Perfect Storm.

As per the stipulation, Avalon had to kiss the foot of Tim Storm. The loudspeaker then announced if he didn’t follow through with the stipulation he’d be fined $50K. Avalon then said his manager, Nikko Marquez, could do it for him, which he then did. Storm then grabbed ahold of Avalon and forced him to kiss his foot too.

Winner: Tim Storm

5. NWA World Women’s Championship
Jazz (c) vs Penelope Ford

Jazz came out with a rather intense entrance and wearing a mask.

Ford was given plenty of opportunities to show how athletic she is but Jazz was showcased as an unbeatable wrestling machine here. Ford was portrayed as a talented wrestler who was just out-matched by Jazz’s power. She did manage to get a near-fall from a pinning combination but after missing a standing moonsault, Jazz took control of the match back for good. She hit a Michinoku Driver and seemingly got a 3-count but Hepner’s hand hit Jazz in the face during the count and things got a little messed up. Jazz then locked in an STF and Ford tapped.

The champion cut a promo after the match saying she wants a shot at the 10 Pounds of Gold, a reference to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Cody and Nick Aldis will compete for later on the card.

Winner: Jazz (Retains Championship)

Jeff Jarrett came out carrying the NWA National Championship and introduced Magnum TA who will present the title to the winner.

NWA National Championship (Vacant)
Sam Shaw vs Willie Mack

Mack attacked Shaw during his entrance as payback for earlier. Shaw took control after Mack missed a spear in the corner and hit the ring post. Mack eventually made his comeback after a T-bone suplex. He then hit a scoop slam, leg drop, cannonball in the corner, and then got a near-fall off a standing moonsault.

Shaw then got a near-fall after a front face slam. He then went to the top rope and missed a senton. This allowed Mack to hit a Stunner for a near-fall. Shaw got the next near-fall after a super-kick. Mack hit a second stunner after Shaw missed a super-kick and this time he got the 3-count and won the title.

Winner: Willie Mack (New NWA National Champion)

Nick Aldis cut a promo in the back complaining about the officiating from All In and also about Brandi Rhodes’ involvement the last time they met.

The War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane) w/Road Warrior Animal vs The Kingdom of Josephus

The War Kings were wearing Road Warriors inspired makeup and gear.

Jocephus originally claimed that Jax and Crimson would face his Spiritual Advisor and another woman in his group of followers. This was all a ruse, however, as Shannon Moore and Crazy Steve attacked the War Kings from behind. The War Kings eventually got the upper hand and delivered a pop-up cutter for the win.

Winners: The War Kings

Road Warrior Animal then announced the Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament will return in 2019.

Dory Funk is then interviewed ringside.

Several former NWA World Heavyweight Champions were in the ring to introduce Aldis and Cody.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Best 2-out-of-3 Falls
Cody (c) vs Nick Aldis

Aldis came out with Camilla Kane (not sure if that’s how its spelled). This was his equalizer for Cody having Brandi at ringside.

The challenger took most of the offense early until Cody made a comeback with a power-slam and Disaster Kick for 2 near-falls in a row. After that Aldis hit a super-plex from the 2nd rope to take the offense briefly. Cody then locked in a figure-four to the approval of the old-school crowd in attendance. After attempting to reverse the pressure, Aldis was able to make his way to the ropes. Cody went for a second Disaster Kick but Aldis caught him in a Cloverleaf and he tapped quickly to prevent further damage to his knee.

First Fall Goes to Nick Aldis

There was a 60 second respite period. Cody was looking the fresher man and Aldis bailed to the outside to bide some additional time to recover. Cody then followed him to the outside with a suicide dive, however. The fight continued throughout the arena and into the fans. Cornette told the announce team he was going to allow this to continue without a disqualification or count-out.

The fighting in the fans made Cornette say the event reminded him of a UFC event.

As they got back to the ring, Cody set up a table. Tim Storm tried to stop him but Cody punched him. Aldis then hit a DDT for a near fall. Brandi then got in the way of Aldis putting Cody into a table but then Kaine got her out of the ring. Aldis then tried to deliver an elbow drop on top of Cody but missed and went through the table. Cody then hit Cross Rhodes to win the second fall.

The second fall goes to Cody Rhodes

The 3rd fall started quick with Cody hitting a super-kick and going for Cross Rhodes but Aldis was able to fight out of it. Cody missed a moonsault and they ended up hitting each other with simultaneous clotheslines and were down. This allowed Brandi and Kamille to start brawling on the outside. Kaine went to hit Brandi with a spear but hit Earl Hepner instead. Brian Hepner then kicked everybody out from ringside.

After the commotion, Aldis hit a Cross Rhodes on Cody for a near-fall. There were further near-falls when Cody rolled up Aldis after a Cloverleaf attempt and Aldis hit his top rope elbow drop.

Cody hit his version of Kazuchika Okada’s Rainmaker for another near-fall. Finally Cody thought he had out-smarted Aldis by loosening his boot to get out of the cloverleaf. After Cody rolled up Aldis, however, Aldis reversed it and pinned Cody to win the 3rd and deciding fall.

Winner: Nick Aldis (New Champion)