Billy Corgan & Dave Lagana Talk NWA’s Business Model, Plans For Profitability

Billy Corgan spoke to Sam Roberts about the NWA's business model.

NWA Power
NWA Power from Atlanta, GA

NWA executives Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana were guests on Sam Roberts’ NotSam Wrestling podcast earlier this week. Topics discussed include their Into the Fire pay-per-view, producing ‘television’ without a TV deal, their business model and hopes for eventual profitability.

Billy Corgan says it will be ‘interesting’ to see if they can continue operating without a television deal. Currently, the weekly NWA Powerrr series is distributed via YouTube.

“If you remember when TNA first started with Jarrett they were running the PPV model, which I was interested in just from a consumer point of view. It was like whatever, $3 to watch an episode or whatever,” said Corgan.

He continued, “I would watch a lot of them because I wanted to support the idea that they were trying to do something different as far as the market place. So I think we are in the same position, where we might be in a situation where we can continue to grow the NWA, be able to do live shows, and not actually have to serve any particular master as far as a network would go.”

NWA’s Road to Profitability

Of course, not having to ‘serve a particular master’ also comes with the downside of not receiving lucrative TV rights fees. Dave Lagana touched upon that situation indirectly when talking about the NWA’s business model. Lagana believes the company is “maybe six months away” from being profitable.

“As we scale this product, we’re so much closer than people think to being a very scalable product.” Lagana said. “I ran the numbers on Powerrr, I was like, ‘We’re maybe six months away from really being profitable on this show, on our own, without having to take an investment from anybody,’ and it may even be faster than that.”

The NWA will present another pay-per-view event in January. They held the latest round of NWA Powerrr TV tapings on Monday night:

The full interview with Corgan and Lagana can be viewed in the player below:

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