NXT Superstar Pulled from Confirmed UK Independent Booking

NXT UK has appeared to have reneged on a previously confirmed deal. Wrestle Gate Pro is a new promotion in the UK and have their first event on January 26th. ‘Open Gate’ will be taking place from the Rushcliffe Arena in Nottingham, England.

The original main event for the card would’ve seen NXT UK Superstar Jordan Devlin face UK standout Chris Ridgeway. Wrestle Gate owner Gary Ward spoke to us exclusively back in December regarding this match stating: “Him (Devlin) being able to perform on January 26th following his signing is great news for us, but this will be 1 and done for him so we’re grateful to Jordan and WWE for this.” 

Wrestle Gate has now confirmed that Jordan Devlin will not be appearing on the show. This comes as a surprise as although it wouldn’t have been permitted under the new NXT UK contracts this was a done deal. The company tweeted the following: “Due to circumstance beyond our control, Jordan Devlin has been withdrawn from Open Gate on Jan 26th by the WWE.”

This will likely not be the last time that this occurs on the UK scene. Whilst WWE do of course have the final say on their contracted talent it seems odd to pull someone from a guaranteed pay day this close to the event. NXT UK Takeover Blackpool of course takes place this Saturday.