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NXT TakeOver In Your House Results: Io Shirai Wins Women’s Title, Backlot Brawl

NXT TakeOver: In Your House aired from Full Sail tonight on the WWE Network. Adam Cole defended the NXT Championship against Velveteen Dream in a Backlot Brawl. Charlotte Flair put the NXT Women’s Championship on the line against Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley in the main event.

NXT TakeOver: In Your House Results

  1. Tegan Nox, Mia Yim & Shotzi Blackheart def. Candice LeRae, Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai
  2. Finn Balor def. Damian Priest
  3. Keith Lee def. Johnny Gargano to retain the NXT North American Championship
  4. Adam Cole def. Velveteen Dream to retain the NXT Championship
  5. Karrion Kross def. Tommaso Ciampa
  6. Io Shirai def. Rhea Ripley & Charlotte Flair to win the NXT Women’s Championship

Here are 6 takeaways from TakeOver: In Your House:

Tegan Nox Pinned Dakota Kai

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Mia Yim, Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart battled Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez in the fist match of the night.

Match Recap: Tegan Nox beat Dakota Kai down to start off the match and then tagged in Shotzi. Kai battled back and tagged in Candice. LeRae went for a Senton but Blackheart got out of the way and connected with a kick to the face. The action spilled out of the ring and Yim hit a Suicide Dive. LeRae hit a Crossbody and then Tegan Nox flipped onto everyone.

Back in the ring, Gonzalez hit Shotzi with a cheap shot as Dakota Kai tagged in. Dakota bounced Shotzi’s face off the turnbuckle and beat her down in the corner of the ring. Mia Yim and Candice tagged in and Yim planted LeRae with a Neckbreaker. Yim connected with a Dragon Suplex and went for the cover but LeRae kicked out at two.

Gonzalez and Tegan then tagged in and traded shots in the middle of the ring. Gonzalez hit a massive Powerbomb and went for the cover but Mia broke it up at the last moment. Yim and LeRae then battled up the entrance ramp and backstage. Dakota Kai accidentally booted Gonzalez in the face and then Nox hit Kai with the Shiniest Wizard for the pinfall victory.

Finn Balor Defeated Damian Priest In A Great Match

Finn Balor faced Damian Priest tonight at In Your House.

Match Recap: Balor started off the match in control and hit him with a Dropkick in the corner. Priest went for a Splash but Finn got out of the way and booted Damian out of the ring.

Finn followed Damian out there and Damian sent him flying into the steel steps. Damian slammed Balor on the ring apron with a massive Side Slam from off the steel steps. Priest brought Balor back into the ring applied a Headlock in the middle of the ring.

Priest connected with the Broken Arrow but Finn quickly hit a Double Stomp and both superstars fell to the canvas. Balor hit the Pele Kick and went for the cover for a near fall. Finn Clothelined Damian out of the ring but Priest hopped right back onto the apron and booted Finn in the face. Damian Priest hit a Razor’s Edge on the ring apron and went for the cover back in the ring but Balor was able to kick out at the last moment.

Balor connected with a Slingblade but Priest quickly caught fin with two roundhouse kicks. Finn hit another Slingblade and followed it up with a Dropkick in the corner of the ring. Balor made his way to the top rope but Priest caught him. Priest planted Balor with a massive Chokeslam for a near fall.

Damian went for a Razor’s Edge off the apron but Finn broke free. Balor hit a forearm to the face and Priest fell onto the steel steps outside the ring. Balor hit Priest with a Coup de Grace on Priest as he got back into the ring. Finn went right back to the top rope and hit another Coup de Grace for the pinfall victory.

Opinion: The bump on the steel steps looked unbelievably painful for Priest. Balor picked up the win but I’m sure Priest impressed a lot of people and earned new fans tonight.

Keith Lee Retained The NXT North American Championship

Keith Lee defended his NXT North American Championship against Johnny Gargano tonight at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

Match Recap: Gargano knocked Johnny out of the ring and went for a Suicide Dive but Lee caught him. Johnny escaped and went for a Cannonball off the apron but once again Keith caught him. Gargano escaped again by raking Lee’s injured eye but Keith caught Johnny with a punch to the face.

Johnny tried to exit through the door on the set but it was locked. Keith Lee bounced Johnny’s face off the door and threw him back down the entrance ramp. Gargano continued to attack Lee’s injured eye and beat him down in the corner of the ring.

Gargano kept Lee grounded for the next several minutes as “Johnny sucks!” chants broke out. Keith connected with a massive Clothesline for a two count. Lee went for a Powerbomb but Gargano countered into a roll-up for a near fall.

Keith Lee lifted Gargano up into a Fireman’s Carry but Johnny once again countered into a roll-up for a near fall. Johnny planted Lee with a DDT outside the ring. Gargano got into the ring and broke up the referee’s count so the match could continue. Keith Lee hit Gargano with a Pounce that sent Johnny flying through the plexiglass.

Candice LeRae tried to distract Keith Lee but Mia Yim attacked her. Gargano grabbed the key from his trunks and dug it into Keith Lee’s eye. Gargano hit One Final Beat and went for the cover but Lee kicked out at two. Gargano hit Lee with several kicks to the face but Lee kept kicking out at two.

Lee grabbed Gargano by the throat and lifted him up to his shoulders. Keith planted Johnny with the Spirit Bomb and followed it up with the Big Bang Catastrophe to retain the NXT North American Championship.

Adam Cole Retained

Adam Cole defended the NXT Championship against Velveteen Dream in a Backlot Brawl tonight at TakeOver: In Your House. If Velveteen Dream did not defeat Cole tonight, he wouldn’t get another shot at the title as long as Cole was champ.

Match Recap: Dream cosplayed Negan from The Walking Dead and Cole arrived in a monster truck. Velveteen got in the ring with a baseball bat and Cole demanded that he put it down.

Velveteen rolled up Cole a few times in a row but Adam kicked out at two each time. Cole leveled Dream with a boot to the face and said he was leaving with the title. Cole hopped in a car but Dream climbed on top of it and started swinging the bat.

Cole got out of the car and the two superstars started trading shots. An Uber driver showed up and Dream bounced Cole’s face off the car. Dream launched Cole into a trash can and then tried to throw it at him but the champ got out of the way. Cole ran away and Dream followed him. Dream opened an unlocked door and Cole sprayed him in the face with a fire extinguisher.

Dream battled back and sent Cole flying into the ring post. Velveteen leaped off the top rope but Cole was ready and caught him with a Superkick. Dream returned the favor and hit a Superkick of his own after Cole leaped off the apron.

Velveteen beat Cole down on top of a car and then set up a ladder next to him. Dream climbed to the top rung but Undisputed Era showed up for a distraction. Dream shoved Cole off the ladder and onto the windshield of the car. Undisputed Era attacked Dream and beat him down.

Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish threw tons of steel chairs into the ring that were stored in the monster truck. Dexter Lumis slid out from under the ring and attacked Fish and Strong with a steel chair. Dexter put Fish and Strong in his trunk and drove away.

Adam Cole crawled towards the ring and climbed to the top rope. Cole went for the Panama Sunrise but Velveteen countered into the Dream Valley Driver for a near fall. Cole hit Dream with a low blow and then the Panama Sunrise on top of the steel chairs for the pinfall victory.

Opinion: I was looking forward to this match and was surprised when it wasn’t the main event. After watching it, I now understand why it wasn’t. There were fun moments here and there but the setting didn’t work for me. I thought the ring surrounded by cars was cool looking but Dream and Cole stumbling through the backlot for several minutes was boring. It was overproduced as well with a ton of camera cuts that felt unnecessary. The match wasn’t bad by any means but I was just underwhelmed by it.

Karrion Kross Dominated

Karrion Kross faced Tommaso Ciamps tonight at In Your House. Scarlett was ringside for the match.

Match Recap: Tommaso got in a little offense early but Kross quickly took control of the match and brutally slammed Ciampa onto the ring apron. Kross then planted Ciampa with multiple Suplexes in the ring.

Kross put his hands behind his back and dared Ciampa to hit him. Tommaso swung but Karrion avoided it and connected with a Northern Lights Suplex. Kross leveled Ciampa with a Clothesline but Tommaso battled back with an Enziguri.

Ciampa delivered a knee to the face that sent Karrion to the ring apron. Tommaso hit a DDT and went for the cover but Kross kicked out at two. Ciampa went for Fairy Tale Ending but Karrion countered with a slam. Karrion then locked in the Kross Jacket and Ciampa passed out.

Io Shirai Captured The NXT Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair defended the NXT Women’s Championship against Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai in a Triple Threat Match.

Match Recap: Charlotte rolled out of the ring and Rhea & Io locked up. Flair hopped in the ring and attacked Ripley from behind. Ripley and Shirai then teamed up and beat Flair down in the corner of the ring.

Ripley knocked Flair out of the ring and went for a Cannonball but Charlotte got out of the way. Flair launched Ripley into the barricade but turned around into a Frankensteiner off the apron from Io. Flair shrugged it off and launched Io onto Ripley against the barricade.

Back in the ring, Charlotte locked in a Boston Crab on Io in the middle of the ring. Ripley broke it up and hit Flair with a Dropkick. Shirai dropped Rhea with a kick to the face and hit Charlotte with a 619. Shirai followed it up with a Double Stomp and a Dropkick to Flair for a near fall.

Ripley and Shirai connected with a punch at the same time and collapsed to the canvas. Flair connected with a Spear on both superstars and went for the cover but they both kicked out. Flair went for a Moonsault but Io got her knees up. Rhea went for the Riptide but Shirai countered.

Io applied a Crossface to Charlotte in the middle of the ring but Rhea broke it up with a boot to the face. Flair leveled Rhea with a big boot for a two count. Flair went for Natural Selection but Ripley blocked it. Shirai hit a springboard Dropkick that sent Ripley to the canvas.

Flair hit Shirai with Natural Selection and went for the cover but Io kicked out at two. Charlotte locked in the Figure Four but Ripley dragged Charlotte out of the ring. Io hit Ripley with an awesome Crossbody through the ropes. Charlotte sent Io flying through the windows on the In Your House set.

Charlotte took Ripley down and unloaded several punches. Shirai climbed to the top of the set and hit them both with a massive Crossbody as the crowd chanted “holy sh*t!”. The action returned to the ring and Charlotte went for a Spear but wound up crashing into the turnbuckle.

Ripley hit Io with several chops and perched her up on the top turnbuckle. Ripley went for a Superplex but Io blocked with a couple punches to the ribs. Io went for a Frankensteiner but Ripley stopped it and Charlotte hit Shirai with a boot to the face.

Charlotte hit Ripley with several chops and joined her on the top rope. Rhea hit the Riptide but Shirai broke up the cover. Flair brought a kendo stick and hit Ripley in the back with it. Flair hit Io as well and then continued to beat the hell out of Ripley.

Flair connected with a Spear on Ripley and locked in the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. Charlotte bridged into the Figure Eight as Io climbed to the top rope. Shirai connected with a Moonsault onto Ripley for the pinfall victory.

Opinion: Io Shirai capturing the title was awesome to see . I thought this match was very entertaining and once again NXT put on a great TakeOver event. Backlash has a tough act to follow next week.

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