NXT TakeOver: Portland Results & 6 Takeaways

Photo: WWE.com

NXT TakeOver: Portland aired live from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. Adam Cole defended the NXT Championship against Tommaso Ciampa in the main event.

NXT TakeOver: Portland Results

  1. Keith Lee def. Dominik Dijakovic to retain the North American Championship
  2. Dakota Kai. def. Tegan Nox
  3. Finn Balor def. Johnny Gargano
  4. Rhea Ripley def. Bianca Belair to retain the NXT Women’s Championship
  5. Broserweights def. Undisputed Era to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships
  6. Adam Cole def. Tommaso Ciampa to retain the NXT Championship

Here are 6 takeaways from the PPV:

6Keith Lee Retained In An Incredible Match Against Dijakovic

Photo: WWE.com

Keith Lee defended his NXT North American Championship against Dominik Dijakovic in the first match of the night.

Match Recap: Keith Lee took Dominik down with an incredible Hurricanrana early and the crowd went insane. Dijakovic connected with a boot to the face that sent Lee out of the ring. Dominik went for a flip but Lee caught him. Dominik escaped and tried to Suplex Keith on the apron but had a hard time lifting him. Back in the ring, Dijakovic leveled Lee with a Cyclone Kick and made his way to the top rope. Dijakovic hit an awesome Corkscrew Moonsault for a near fall as the crowd chanted “NXT!”.

Both superstars fired up for Clothesline and connected at the same time. Dijakovic hit another Clothesline that sent Keith to the apron. Dominik planted Keith Lee with a Feast Your Eyes off the second rope for a near fall as the crowd chanted “this is awesome!”. Lee battled back with a pounce that sent Dominik flying to the the corner.

The action spilled outside the ring and Lee hit Dominik with a chop to the chest that echoed throughout the arena. Dominik battled back with a Superkick and Lee fell onto a computer chair. Dijakovic followed that up with an absolutely insane springboard Cannonball before rolling Keith Lee into the ring. Lee hit the Spirit Bomb but Dijakovic rolled through and hopped to his feet. Lee hit another Spirit Bomb but somehow Dominik was able to kick out at two.

Dijakovic and Lee then on the turnbuckle. Dominik planted Lee with a Spanish Fly off the second rope for a near fall. Dijakovic tried to lift Lee up but his back gave out and he fell to the canvas. Keith Lee quickly hit the Big Bang Catastrophe for the pinfall victory. Keith Lee is still the NXT North American Champion. After the match, Keith Lee showed Dijakovic respect and posed with him in the ring.

Opinion: Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic have unbelievable chemistry in the ring and all of their matches have been great. This was an excellent way to start TakeOver and will be tough for anyone to follow tonight.