NXT UK vs WoS Match Announced for Fight Forever in January

Fight Forever has announced a big match for their upcoming ‘Dance of The Dragon’ show. It’s big for two reasons, 1. it’s Bea Priestley vs Millie McKenzie and 2. One is contracted to WoS (Bea) and one is seemingly signed to NXT UK (McKenzie).

NXT UK Superstars are only ‘allowed’ to face fellow NXT UK Superstars on independent shows or talents who are freelance/not on the ‘banned’ list. Companies who are seemingly ‘banned’ are the bigger promotions such as IMPACT, ROH and New Japan among others. There were also seemingly ‘no on demand’ terms in the new contracts, meaning that companies such as PROGRESS, ICW and ATTACK could not use NXT UK Superstars in their on demand platforms. This however is not yet confirmed. With McKenzie believed to be signed to NXT UK

Fight Forever are a relatively new promotion, they held their first tour earlier this year. Without having ‘on demand’ Fight Forever are seemingly free to use any talent from NXT UK for the time being.

WALTER will also be on the show. WALTER has not yet been made official as a WWE signee. It is widely believed that he has signed on and will be debuting in NXT UK shortly, possibly at the Takeover event next month.