Opening Video For Thursday’s Impact, Tara & Godderz In “Tainted Dreams”

– TNA announced on Tuesday that Tara and “Mr. PEC-tacular” Jessie Godderz have signed on to appear in a new scripted drama, “Tainted Dreams” –

“IMPACT WRESTLING” superstars Lisa Marie Varon, known as Tara, and five-time CBS “Big Brother” superstar, Jessie Godderz, known as Mr. PEC-Tacular, have signed on to join the cast of NYC Brand Production’s “Tainted Dreams.” This new, scripted “soap within a soap” is set to blow the lid off the behind-the-scenes comedy and drama of producing a daily soap opera. “Tainted Dreams” is a rare, realistic look at the interaction of actors, cast, and crew involved in producing a daily, scripted drama.

– TNA has released the following video, which will open Thursday’s live Impact Wrestling broadcast from Jonesboro, Arkansas: