Orange Cassidy Signs With All Elite Wrestling

AEW is now serving freshly squeezed Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy AEW
Orange Cassidy is All Elite

Popular independent comedy wrestler Orange Cassidy is the newest member of the AEW roster. The announcement of Orange Cassidy signing with All Elite Wrestling was made on the latest episode of Being The Elite.

As seen below, Cassidy was shown putting oranges and an AEW contract into a blender. After mixing up the unusual concoction, a graphic appeared on the screen stating: “AEW: Now serving freshly squeezed Orange Cassidy.”

The New Jersey native made his AEW debut back in May in the Casino Battle Royale match at Double Or Nothing. His quirky, irreverent humor are a good fit for the Being The Elite and AEW universe.


  1. Sounds like a FANTASTIC gimmick that general non-IWC wrestling fans (you know….80% of the consumer audience) will eat up!!!

  2. You’re not old. Hes skinny silent dean ambrose.

    And because you dont get it, neither will 80% of regular normal wrestling fans aka consumers with money who watch tv.

    Big hand for AEW and their fans, folks!

  3. I mean I’m down to see him, I just don’t think the general public will really ‘get’ his style and brand of humour. But hey, well done for him for landing with AEW. Hope it goes well for him.

  4. I get it, it’s funny… but they won’t be able to ever really do anything with him. There’s no way to do a serious match or feud with his gimmick. I just don’t understand why a company would sign him to a long term deal


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