Backstage News On Original Plans For Ending Of Brock Lesnar- Roman Reigns Steel Cage Match

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar. Photo Credit: WWE,com

Brock Lesnar’s victory at WrestleMania was the catalyst of a hot discussion about the fate of the Universal title and his win at Greatest Royal Rumble only proved to be a fuel for these talks to be carried further.

However, unlike Mania, his win at the Greatest Rumble wasn’t clean which made many wonder if Officials’ feelings about the Beast have changed since then.

Though Wrestling Observer has now revealed the original plans for the ending of this Championship bout, killing the rumors that company may portray Brock as a weaker character going forward. The original plans for the steel cage match were for Brock’s feet to hit the floor first, which would have made him the decisive winner.

Although things didn’t go as planned and after Roman’s feet ended up touching the ground before Lesnar, they had to make the call of declaring The Beast as the winner and then move with the storyline by having the referee apologize for it later on.

This likely means that the company intended for Brock to win the bout all along and the plans were for him to retain the Championship when they first announced this rematch last month despite the rumors of Officials considering a title switch.

As far as Lesnar’s next title defense goes, the educated guess is that he will be wrestling at Money In The Bank next month as WWE intends to present it as one of their top PPVs, in line with the Big Four events.