Paige Comments On Sasha Banks’ Role In Her Career Ending Injury

Paige recently opened up to the media about what role Sasha Banks played in the final injury she would endure in a WWE ring.

She isn’t blaming Banks for the injury in the least. Paige says she is the one who called for the move and was confident her neck was strong enough to take it.

“Nothing was ever Sasha’s fault,” Paige said to Give Me Sport recently. “She got so much backlash and even in the ring, when we were in there, people are chanting ‘Sasha sucks’ and it really upset me to hear that because it wasn’t her fault.”

Paige on Injury and Sasha Banks

She would continue to say the move she took from Banks is one she’s taken numerous times before.

“That move where she kicks me in the back, I had taken that so many times previously that I was so stubborn and I thought ‘I can still do these kinds of things.'” Paige continued. “I thought my neck was just as strong as it was before, but, unfortunately, it’s not.”

Paige then said after taking the kick to the back she lost feeling in her limbs. While the feeling would return, she was certain her career was over at that point.

Paige says Banks and her have a good relationship and speak often.

“But, I remember just telling Sasha ‘I can’t wrestle anymore’ and she was devastated, she started crying, crying her eyes out. I was like ‘I’m so sorry’, I think it’s just a British thing to apologize! But I was like ‘I’m sorry, it’s not your fault’ and she’s just been so, so supportive. She always texts me like ‘hey, how are you doing, how things going?’ you know, and she’s just always been really great.”