Paige Says WWE Never Held Back Women Wrestlers, Fans Did

Paige recently told media outlets that she feels fans didn't take women wrestlers seriously when she debuted on the main roster in 2014.

Paige WWE

Paige recently made some comments about WWE’s treatment of their female divisions which could stir some controversy. While promoting “Fighting With My Family” Paige told a media outlet that when she hit the WWE main roster in 2014, it wasn’t WWE who was holding the women back, it was the fans.

“It was never WWE holding the women back,” Paige told Gulf News. “It was the fans not taking them seriously. They wanted to see more of the male characters many years ago. It was a male-dominated sport.”

Paige won the WWE Divas Championship from AJ Lee on her first night on RAW the night after WrestleMania 30. She continued to say WWE really believed in the women on the main roster at the time, even if there weren’t many of them.

“When I first started, there were only five women there,” Paige continued. “It was a struggle but WWE just believed in us. When I got into the ring, I wanted to prove to the fans that girls were capable of having good matches and sometimes, even better. That was kind of my mission from the get go. Now there’s obviously a revolution.”

As for what the future holds now for Paige, she had the following to say:

“My future target is to obviously keep working in WWE on screen or behind the scenes. In future, I would like to start going into movies, acting, just be the next Dwayne in that aspect.”

The entire interview can be read here.