Paige Would Love To Become A Manager In WWE


Despite having suffered a tragic, career-ending injury, Paige has managed to segue herself into a new position within the WWE as SmackDown Live’s General Manager. This has allowed her an opportunity to stay within an industry she loves and maintain an on-screen character to portray. If Paige has her way, however, General Manager may not be her final role.

Speaking with Planeta Wrestling, Paige revealed that she is open to exploring different creative directions and opportunities within the WWE.

During the interview, she expressed specific interest in managing other talents, highlighting the relationship between Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar as one she would like to potentially emulate.

“Right now, I’m really happy being SmackDown General Manager,” Paige admitted. “It’s opened so many different doors and I get to do so many different characters just being Smackdown General Manager — I get to be a good guy, bad guy, I get to do whatever I want,” she said.

“I would love to be a manager — kinda like Paul Heyman, one day,” she confessed. “I would love to do anything like that. I wanted to manage Ronda at one point, but she doesn’t need me!”

Who could you see Paige managing if she were to do so? Would she have made a good manager for Ronda Rousey?