Pat McAfee Officially Signs With WWE

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee is now officially a WWE employee. The former NFL Punter has been working on NXT: Takeover pre-show panels for the last year. He announced earlier this morning on Twitter that he is now an official WWE employee.

News broke in late 2018 that WWE had offered him a multi-year deal.

Pat McAfee Signs With WWE

McAfee released a video along with the Tweet announcing his signing. In the video, he tells the story of performing on an independent show 1 month before being drafted to the NFL. His agent told him not to go in the ring but McAfee was unable to resist the temptation.

“My agent said one thing and one thing alone: Don’t Get In The Ring,” McAfee said. “What my agent didn’t know and what that creepy dude in the ring didn’t know is that my dream my entire life has been to be in the WWE.”

McAfee would continue to talk about some of the entertainment value he brought to the NFL.

“I was the first punter to start celebrating punts,” he continued. “We probably shouldn’t, we’re turning the ball over but I was excited that I was doing my job well and there’s only one celebration I know, that’s WWE celebrations!”

McAfee’s video also shows him celebrating a punt like he’s Razor Ramon or Scott Hall.

You can view McAfee’s full video in the Tweet below: