Paul Heyman Drops Pipebomb On Potential Lesnar Opponents

There were rumors of WWE planning a match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley after WrestleMania 34 and a latest Paul Heyman promo makes it seem like there could be some truth to those stories.

Heyman recently posted a long promo from his official Facebook page, targeted towards a recent poll on where the company asked fans who they want Lesnar to face next.

Continuing on the topic he also took shots at the two announced participants for the upcoming Multi-Person #1 contenders match at Extreme Rules.

He first talked about Roman Reigns saying that Lesnar has no interest in facing the ‘Sloppy Second Samoan!’, who has already failed twice against the Beast this year.

However, while talking about the other announced participant of the bout, Bobby Lashley, Paul took some personal shots at the former TNA Star, saying that Bobby knew he didn’t have a chance against Brock in UFC and so he hid in Bellator:

“When Bobby saw Brock Lesnar ascend to become the biggest box office attraction in UFC, Bobby knew he had no chance against Brock, so he hid behind Scot Coker’s tomato cans in Strikeforce and Bellator, hoping to look good enough to graduate into a once-in-a-lifetime payday position against Brock Lesnar”

This kind of promos are a signature of Paul Heyman and he usually cuts them while building up an upcoming Universal title defense from Lesnar.

So this seemingly out of nowhere promo, combined with the way WWE has built Lashley since his return is making many wonder if he could be next in line to challenge the Universal Champion.

Paul Heyman’s full post can be seen below and you can let us know your thoughts on a potential Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley match in the comment section.