Paul Heyman Inks Deal to Develop & Star in New Unscripted TV Series

WWE's Paul Heyman is branching out with a new television deal that will see the prolific "advocate" develop several unscripted series including one he will star in himself

Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Heyman is about to crossover from professional wrestling into the world of unscripted television.

Heyman, best known as the advocate and mouthpiece for WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar, has inked a deal with Roy Bank’s Banca Studio to develop several new television series including one that will star the former ECW owner.

Bank is best known for producing reality series such as “The Apprentice”, “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” as well as “Flea Market Flip”. Now Bank is teaming up with Heyman to produce a new series of unscripted television shows including the debut project that will star the humble advocate.

“Against my strenuous objection, Roy Bank has decided our first collaborative project will be centered around me,” Heyman told The Wrap. “I have come to the educated conclusion Roy has made this decision based on a desire when pitching from the networks that we learn how to deal with rejection.”

All jokes aside, Heyman’s initial project with Bank remains shrouded in secrecy but the series will reportedly “straddle the line” between a talk show, opinion, comedy and pop culture.

“If you are a fan of Paul Heyman or you’re a fan of the energy that Paul Heyman exudes — even if you are not familiar with him directly — you’ll love this show,” Bank said about the planned series.

From the sound of things, Heyman will lead a talk-show style format of some kind with plans to pitch the series directly after WrestleMania 34 wraps up next weekend in New Orleans. Heyman already has a one man show scheduled that same weekend in New Orleans as well as inducting Bill Goldberg into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Then on April 8 Heyman will join Lesnar for his WrestleMania main event match against Roman Reigns.

Heyman’s work on his new television series won’t interfere with anything he does with WWE, although it’s entirely possible there would be some future crossover with his new show and the professional wrestling world.

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