Paul Heyman On Lesnar’s UFC Future, Rousey-WWE, Next “Heyman Guy”

TMZ Sports caught up with Paul Heyman this week, who commented on the possibility of Brock Lesnar returning to UFC, if he would advocate for Ronda Rousey in WWE and who he’s eyeing as the next Paul Heyman Guy (or gal).

This Sunday at Elimination Chamber, 7 of RAW’s top Superstars will battle to determine who will challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania. In the months following WM34, it’s rumored that Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract will expire and he’ll be free to fight for the UFC again, if that’s something he’s interested in.

When asked if we’ll see Brock step inside the Octagon again, Paul Heyman said Brock Lesnar will do whatever he wants to do. Lensar’s last UFC fight took place back in July 2016. TMZ’s reporter questioned if two years away from fighting would work against The Beast. Heyman argues the contrary.

“The time away makes him better because the time away gives his body a chance to heal,” Heyman proclaimed. “The problem with these UFC fighters – and they’re all fantastic athletes, top of the line in the entire world – is that they wear their bodies down in these training camps. All these guys that are cutting weight are destroying their own bodies.”

Many fans have speculated that Paul Heyman would make a great mouthpiece for Ronda Rousey. It’s an intriguing prospect, but Heyman doesn’t sound like he’s eyeing Rousey as his next client. “Why limit the people that I have my eye on to Ronda Rousey?” Heyman questioned. “I have my eye on anyone who is a top box office attraction. I have my eye on Enes Kanter of the New York Knicks.”

Heyman definitely sees potential in Enes Kanter, who he’s dubbed “The Baddest Dude In The NBA.” The 6-foot-11 Knicks center couldn’t be happier to be dubbed the latest Paul Heyman Guy.

You can watch Paul Heyman’s comments about Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey and Enes Kanter here: