Paul Heyman On What Would “Doom” The Brand Split, Talks Reigns, Lesnar

Paul Heyman was recently interviewed by ESPN where the main topic of conversation was Brock Lesnar. Heyman said Lesnar’s UFC return is the “greatest thing to ever happen to him” because competition is “in his blood.”

The topic of conversation moved to WWE and their upcoming draft. Heyman put over how big of a deal it is that SmackDown is going live on Tuesday nights, and what WWE needs to do to make sure the brand split isn’t “doomed”

“I think it’s paramount. SmackDown has to come across as a brand that is truly competing with Monday Night Raw. If the brand is not competitive with WWE in terms of talent, production, look, presentation — just in terms of the manner in which the announcers get to describe the product — it’s doomed,” Heyman said. “But I don’t see it going down that way. Vince McMahon is not known for doing things half-ass and I’m sure that the directive within WWE is that as of July 19 when this brand split happens there will be an equal and distinctive roster on each side and that they are going to compete.”

The former ECW promoter was also asked about Roman Reigns, who was suspended last week for failing a drug test under the WWE Wellness Policy.

“I don’t know any better advice I can give someone than to say I make no excuses and I own this,” Heyman said of the Wellness Policy violation. “That’s called accountability and it’s the same thing I teach my children. The man took accountability for his actions.

You can read Heyman’s entire interview with ESPN here.