Paul Heyman Reportedly Giving RAW Superstars More Chances To ‘Show Personality’

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WWE RAW Superstar Drew McIntyre recently appeared on the Jerry Lawler Show podcast, which is produced and distributed by PodcastOne. The former Intercontinental Champion discussed a variety of topics on the show; including moments from his career in WWE and the independent scene.

The Royal Rumble Match

Lawler turned the conversation to the upcoming Royal Rumble event this Sunday. There have been persistent rumors surrounding McIntyre’s chances in the 30-man match this weekend, with many predicting that he will go all of the way and win the match. If Drew McIntyre were to win the bout, he would likely face WWE Champion Brock Lesnar; who himself enters the Rumble in the #1 spot. Lawler asked McIntyre if he felt Paul Heyman announcing that Brock would be first in the match was ‘deflating.’ Thus seemingly trying to keep the interview as storyline driven as possible. McIntyre gave a fairly standard answer, saying “I’ve had like so many ups and downs but not deflating. If anything [it] inspires me in my own right.”

Paul Heyman wanting more creative freedom?

Drew McIntyre then revealed that RAW Executive Producer Paul Heyman has apparently started attempting to get the RAW Superstars to show more of their personalities on camera. “Paul Heyman has come in. You know, he’s allowed people to start showing a little bit more of a personality” McIntyre began. “It’s up to you if you get that kind of freedom, like I’ve been doing over the past couple of months to really take advantage of it [and] ensure you know that you can get over if you’re given that opportunity. I think that is what was missing [from my character] and the pieces are coming together. The size I am, the experience I have the look etc. And now that I’m putting those final pieces together, being myself. I cannot wait, the opportunity was last night I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time.”