PCO Bites Head Off Fish In Latest Video


Pierre Carl-Oulette has revitalized his career in 2018. Now known as PCO, he is one of the biggest names on the independent circuit. Much of his new found fandom has come through is bizarre and often disturbing YouTube videos.

In his latest video, PCO bites the head of a dead fish. He is accompanied in the video as always by Destro.

PCO in 2018

The 50-year-old native of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. He made his professional debut 31 years ago in 1987. By 1993, Oulette was in WWE as one-half of the Quebecers. By 1995, Oulette was repackaged as Jean-Pierre LaFitte, a decedent of real-life pirates. He would head to WCW in 1996 where he would team with Jaques Rougeou as one-half of the Quebecers.

He returned to WWE and WCW in minor roles in the early 21st century but largely kept to the independent scene after the 90s came to a close.

Largely due to his YouTube videos and a stellar performance for Game Changer Wrestling, PCO ascended to the top of the indies this year. This summer, he then signed a deal with Major League Wrestling.

“It’s been my greatest run ever in the pro wrestling business,” PCO described 2018 to the Pro Wrestling Torch this summer. “This is the best. This year has been really, really intense. It’s organic. It’s been a crazy run, and it’s also the run where I’m having the most fun and I enjoy the most.”