PCO Discusses ROH Future, Evolving His Character

Ring of Honor World Champion PCO recently discussed his ROH future and stated how there is more to his character than what has been shown.

Current Ring of Honor World Champion PCO has expressed his confidence in re-signing with the promotion. Speaking with The Post & Courier on his career to date, PCO broached his current status with ROH. He confirmed that they are on good terms and are in the final stages of negotiating a new contract. 

“We’re on good terms. We’re finalizing a new contract,” PCO revealed. “ROH has shown tremendous confidence in me, and we have a great relationship. I’m sure we’ll extend the contract. It’s just a matter of time.”

He continued, “There are some very good people running ROH. They are running it with heart, with great principles. They’re awesome people. I just think there’s a very bright future ahead for Ring of Honor.”

Evolving PCO’s Character

PCO noted how he believes there is more to his character than has been presented, and that “payback” is one of his driving motivators.

“There’s so much more to go with this character. I think it’s the nature of life,” PCO said. “I’ve got to get payback for everything I went through and everything that I gave with my heart and soul, a lot of tears and sweat.”

PCO defeated the former ROH World Champion, Rush, last month at ROH’s Final Battle ppay-per-view. They clashed in a Friday the 13th Massacre No DQ matchup. ROH recently uploaded the entire pay-per-view for free to their YouTube channel.