PCO Says WWE Hall Of Fame Can Wait Until He’s Done Wrestling


Hardcore wrestler Pierre Carl Ouellet, or PCO who worked in the WWE as one-half of The Quebecers says that WWE’s Hall of Fame is not a big deal for him.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, PCO explains why the Hall of Fame is not a big focus for him.

“I am not big on the Hall of Fame, it is not a big deal for me. It is not something that is really a focus for me right now. Maybe when everything is behind me. I am still very much in to the action right now, so I can’t think about that.”

PCO revived his career as a hardcore wrestler in 2016 with the ‘French Frankenstein’ gimmick and has been on a roll since. The fifty-one-year-old says that he still has a lot to accomplish and the HOF can wait until he’s done with wrestling.

“I have got so many other things that are important and that I want to accomplish. The HOF can wait until my priority list is complete. It’s not that I don’t care about it, but my focus is not there and I wouldn’t see myself going there while I am working somewhere else, that doesn’t make sense to me. This is a subject we will talk about once I am done wrestling.”

PCO’s Return To Wrestling

PCO announced his retirement from wrestling in early 2011 but came back in 2016 at a Monteregie Wrestling Federation event in Quebec. He wrestled infrequently until he got a huge break from a match in April 2018.

PCO came under the spotlight with his brutal match against WALTER during WrestleMania 34 weekend at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 2. He quickly became one of the hottest acts in the indies which led him to an exclusive contract with Ring of Honor.

PCO signed with ROH in December 2018 and is part of the Villian Enterprises stable with Marty Scrull and Brody King. It doesn’t look like he is going to retire from wrestling soon, and it will be interesting to see where his career goes from here on.

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