PCO Talks Why He Chose To Re-Sign With ROH

PCO recently explained why he chose to re-sign with Ring of Honor.

ROH World Champion PCO re-signed with the company late last year. He defeated Rush for the promotion’s top belt at the Final Battle PPV on December 13th, 2019. The 52-year-old recently spoke to Vulture Hound about why he chose to re-sign with the company.

“I think to go to a big company, be the Champion, be something big. It’s already done. It’s already there. I think to become Champion with the company itself and being the Champion and then help the company make it as big as WWE. I think that’s a very challenging goal.”

PCO also talked about having negotiated with 3 different companies at the end of 2019. He also mentioned what it was about ROH’s pitch to him that got him excited to re-sign.

“I had talks with three companies before I decided to sign with Ring of Honor, they flew me to Baltimore, they showed me what Sinclair broadcast group was like, 217 TV stations, the businesses that they own, the money that they were ready to inject into Ring Of Honor. When they did the 17th-anniversary show in Las Vegas, they showed they have been going around for 17 years.”

According to PCO, ROH wants to grow into a much larger wrestling company.

“Maybe before they didn’t want to be underwater, didn’t want to compete with the number one company in the world but I felt that, when I had my meeting with them, I felt that we really wanted to go big, to become like something like WWE, and in my dream, when I wanted to become Hulk Hogan, I wanted to help pop the territory, take it and make it explode. That’s why I decided to go with Ring Of Honor.”

The full interview can be read here.