Reactions To Seth Rollins’ SummerSlam Win Over Brock Lesnar

Seth Rollins after winning the Universal Championship
Seth Rollins after winning the Universal Championship

Seth Rollins did the impossible when he finally beat the Brock Lesnar clean and won the Universal Championship in the main event of SummerSlam.

Rollins received some brutal beatings at the hands of The Beast during the build-up of their SummerSlam encounter and he showed effects of these attacks throughout the match as Brock manhandled him on a number of occasions.

Lesnar targeted his opponents’ injured ribs throughout the bout and at one point; he even picked Rollins up with the tape around his ribs and swung him around the ring.

However, Seth was able to come back from this and he finally defeated the Universal Champion after delivering a frog splash to Lesnar through an announce table, followed by 2 Curb Stomps.

Rollins delivered an impressive performance in the bout and he was able to turn the fans who were booing him in the beginning into his supporters by the end of the night.

The trend continued on social media as well and people reacted to Rollins’ win over Brock Lesnar with some high praise for the new Universal Champion:

Now it would be interesting to see how Rollins celebrates this hard-fought victory on Raw and who turns out to be his first opponent in his second reign as the Universal Champion.