Phoenix Police Release Enzo Amore Investigation Report

Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore

With Enzo telling his side of the story on Steve Austin’s podcast, it seems fit for the Phoenix Police to release the report of the Rape Allegation case.

Police Report Details

Pro Wrestling Sheets has released the police report on Enzo Amore and here are the details:

According to the report, the Police investigation began on October 23, 2017, and was not made known to Amore at all. The report goes as follows:

Amore went on the record to state that he found out about the investigation as the world did and was first suspended than followed with a release from the WWE.

With the case behind Amore, the Certified G began seeking out other careers opportunities and has announced to be producing music and writing scripts for Hollywood.

You can listen to Enzo’s interview below.