Photos: John Cena With Nikki Bella Giving Empowering Speech To Women In Tampa

John Cena was present in Tampa, Florida on Thursday evening as his girlfriend Nikki Bella gave a speech to The Helen Gordon Davis Centre For Women.

Nikki spoke about empowering women, establishing herself in a male-dominated industry and how her ultimate goal is to give back and help other women who aspire to achieve success in their given fields.

The official Facebook page of The Helen Gordon Davis Centre For Women features the following write-up of her appearance, complete with a full photo gallery.

Additionally, you can check out social media posts from both Cena and Bella regarding the appearance.

“In a rare speaking appearance, Nikki Bella Professional Wrestler with the WWE, talked about empowering women tonight at The Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women. She spoke about her experience in becoming established in her field of work that is male dominated and how she earned her respect in a dream-come-true job for her. Nikki’s goal is to give back and help other women find success in their respective fields. She spoke to about 50 people, participants in the Centre’s Women Building Futures (WBF) program which helps women to learn the construction trades, another non-traditional field for women, along with supporters and sponsors of WBF.

What helped her get her success in wrestling and in business, the motto “Never Give Up” She said growing up, her inspirations in her life were her Grandfather, Nana and Mother. And together with her sister they have been successful, both in the ring and in business.

Her longtime boyfriend John Cena – WWE Universe attended Nikki’s motivational speech, he is the current WWE United States Champion.

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