PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) Injured in Base Jumping Accident, Breaks Leg, Loses Finger

PJ Black, who wrestled as Justin Gabriel in WWE, is believed to have been injured recently in a base jumping accident. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Black suffered a broken leg and lost a finger in the accident.

The injury was also mentioned on Edge and Christian’s most recent podcast as the reason Black won’t be on the Australian House of Hardcore tour.

PJ Black Base Jumping Injury Woes

This is the 3rd time the current Lucha Underground star has been injured this way. Base-jumping involves leaping from a cliff, or similar geological structure, while wearing a wing-suit or a parachute.

Last fall, Black broke both ankles base-jumping and was on the shelf until early 2017. Last week, Black posted photos of stitches being removed after another base-jumping accident.

Black, as Justin Gabriel, wrestled with WWE from 2008-2015. He signed with Lucha Underground in 2015 and is currently a member of the World Wide Underground stable, with Johnny Mundo, Taya and Jack Evans.