PJ Black On Choosing ROH Over NXT, Lucha Underground’s Future & more…

PJ Black signed with ROH earlier this month. He spoke about his recent free agency period to journalist Chris Van Vliet.

PJ Black ROH

PJ Black officially signed with Ring of Honor two weeks ago. The 38-year-old from South Africa recently spoke to journalist Chris Van Vliet about his recent free agency period, Lucha Underground, and his idea for Vince McMahon to play Adam Rose’s bunny.

“Right before Ring of Honor, I actually got an offer from NXT,” Black said. “They wanted me to go back there. There were a couple of other offers too, from TNA and stuff, and I chose Ring of Honor because they give me freedom and it’s a great deal financially. It’s only for 12 months too. After that, it becomes like a 30-day notice deal. I have a feeling it’s gonna be like two or three years, but let’s see what happens. Also, merchandise royalties on that — it’s unheard of.”

PJ Black On Lucha Underground’s Future

Black spoke positively about his time with Lucha Underground but also expressed he had to work to get out of his contract.

“Who knows, man? It was such a great ride,” he continued. “I’m very sad about that. I personally feel like it’s not going to come back. That’s why I had to fight to get out of my contract — and it was a lot of fighting. I know a lot of the guys are trying to get out of their contracts right now. I guess I was lucky with that.”

Black continued to say that if Lucha Underground does return for a 5th season he can go back to tie up loose ends with his character.

“I did have them put in my Ring Of Honor contract that if (Lucha Underground) does come back, I’ll go back for a couple episodes and tie up some storyline ends,” he said.

Black would continue to say that working for NJPW has been a goal of his even before working for WWE was.

Black also mentioned he pitched the idea for Vince McMahon to be revealed as Adam Rose’s bunny.

“The bunny becomes really grizzled. He becomes like a hardcore champ, kind of like in the Attitude Era. There’s shots of him backstage smoking a cigar, dried blood on his fur and just dirt. He keeps losing matches, but he’s always there doing crazy stuff,” Black continued. “They take the mascot head off, and it’s Vince. I said to Vince — if it was anybody else in the world, everyone would be like ‘aw, yeah, that’s cool…’ But if it was him, how could would that have been?”