Possible Reason For Seth Rollins Going Over On Roman Reigns

Last night Seth Rollins had a historic evening on Monday Night RAW. “The Architect” took part in the longest match in WWE TV history, a Seven-Man Gauntlet match between the men involved in this weekend’s Elimination Chamber match. Rollins and fellow Shield member Roman Reigns opened up the match as the starting two participants. The two friends put on a great back-and-forth brawl that led to Rollins picking up the victory with the rollup.

Reigns took the loss like a good sport and out came John Cena, who also did the job for Rollins after an excellent bout as well. Although Rollins was defeated by Elias after Cena was eliminated, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champ’s stock rose significantly after the performance. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio noted that there could be more to Rollins’ pinfall win over Reigns.

It turns out WWE could be planning for Rollins and Reigns to have a program sometime down the road, thus the reason for him getting the clean win over “The Big Dog.” Meltzer finds it difficult to believe that Rollins would go over on Reigns without a big payoff at some point

“Roman’s loss is not just a loss. A lot of the time I get mad when they have a top guy lose for no reason whatsoever. It’s kind of like if you’re a top guy and you lose, it should only be for a reason and this had a reason, I think. I think the reason is that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will be working a program down the line. If they’re not, then it was for no reason.”