Possible Spoiler: Major Name Spotted In Vicinity Of Extreme Rules

With Extreme Rules PPV being just a few hours away, former WWE Star Hulk Hogan has made a move which is destined to start some strong rumors about his future with the company.

According to Pwinsider Hogan, along with Jimmy Hart flew to Cleveland, Ohio yesterday evening. What’s interesting to note here is that the city is just 2 hours away from Pittsburgh, PA, where the Extreme PPV is being held this year:

While it’s hard to make anything out of this right now, we noted before how Hulk started talking to the company about a possible return before the Greatest Royal Rumble event in April earlier this year.

Although there is no news about the former World Champion being contacted for the PPV tonight since it’s WWE a possible return is never completely out of question.

It’s worth mentioning here that we don’t have knowledge of a publicly announced Hogan appearance near or in the city in the next few days.

As always, we’ll be having Live coverage of the Extreme Rules PPV on SEScoops tonight.