Potential Reason Behind CM Punk’s Indy Wrestling Appearance

CM Punk
CM Punk returns to pro wrestling

Former WWE Champion CM Punk made headlines this past weekend when made his return to pro wrestling at an MKE independent event in Wisconsin.

The former WWE star was under a mask where he did a run-in during an Ace Steel vs. Daryck St. Holmes match and connecting with a GTS, which was his wrestling finisher. Ring of Honor star Silas Young later confirmed that it was Punk under the mask.

Young appeared on Busted Open Radio where he talked about the scene. Although he didn’t 100% say that it was Punk, he discussed why Punk might have made the appearance.

He mentioned that the building s being torn down early next month and that Punk wrestled in the building early on his pro wrestling career. He recalled his wife coming up to him before the match and telling him that she heard Punk was going to do a run in. She was one of the managers in the match.

“It made sense with the match being with Ace Steele and having Dave Prazak involved.” Young pointed out that those guys are longtime friends and they broke in the business together. He would add that Punk wasn’t in the building during the show but rather sitting in a waiting car and immediately left after the spot.

“That’s what I was told and I’d like to believe it. If for nothing more than the publicity it got MKE Wrestling.”

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