Potential Spoilers For WrestleMania Main Event & Future Storylines

With less than two weeks to go until WrestleMania 31, booking plans are in the process of being finalized and we’ve got some information regarding three of the top matches on the show. WWE insider ‘MetsFan4Ever’ has released some major details regarding what’s planned for the main event as well as the IC & US titles.

According to the Reddit user, the word going around Tuesday night’s SmackDown tapings is that Brock Lesnar is very close to signing a new contract with WWE. The deal would be similar to his current deal, with Lesnar presented presented as a special attraction making limited appearances.

The big news is that Triple H is reportedly trying to sell Vince McMahon on the idea of Brock Lesnar retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. This scenario would also have implications on two other WrestleMania matches.

If Brock retains, the plan is for John Cena to defeat Rusev for the Unites States Championship and Daniel Bryan to emerge victorious in the Intercontinental Championship Ladder match. With Brock Lesnar only making occasional appearances on WWE television, the idea is for John Cena and Daniel Bryan to headline various RAW, PPV and live events defending their titles, which would bring a great deal of prestige to both.

While things can change over the next week and a half, this is one the main ideas being considered.