Green Power Ranger Making Pro Wrestling Debut

Jason David Frank has dabbled in MMA and now has his sights set on a pro wrestling career

Green Power Ranger
"Green Power Ranger" Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank, best known as the Green Power Ranger of the popular 1990’s action TV series Power Rangers, will be getting into the ring soon.

Over the weeken, Frank appeared ringside at a show for the Laredo Wrestling Alliance, a Texas-based independent promotion. As seen below, he got into an angle with “Mr. Studtacular” Brysin Scott.

The Laredo Morning Times, a local news outlet, covered the story and got quotes from JDF and Laredo Wrestling Alliance Owner Rey Chavarria. Chavarria confirmed that the former television star will be making in-ring debut soon.

“The Green Ranger is wrestling for the first time in LWA,” Chavarria stated. “Just listen to that over again. Laredo isn’t known for that. Now it’s going to be known for the home of LWA and where Jason David Frank made his wrestling debut.”

Jason David Frank credited CM Punk & RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey for his interest in transitioning into pro wrestling.

“I’ve always been interested in stepping into a wrestling ring,” he said. “I don’t do this stuff. I do MMA. Just to learn this stuff is cool. I went to WWE, but just to see this passion in these fighters, everyone is hungry and everyone wants to be the best they can. I like that.”

We’ll provide an update when the date of JDF’s first pro wrestling match is announced.

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