Priscilla Kelly Throws Up On Joey Ryan’s Crotch During Match

When you have Priscilla Kelly and Joey Ryan in the ring at the same time, something like this is bound to happen.

At the Quintessential Pro Wrestling event last night in Las Vegas, Nevada, Joey Ryan faced off against Priscilla Kelly in an inter-gender match.

During the match, Ryan performed an airplane spin on Kelly, and of course, it made her dizzy to the point of vomiting. She pulled Ryan’s trunks and proceeded to vomit all over his crotch – much to the amusement of the fans present.

There’s not a lot to write about and we can’t really say that we didn’t see something like this coming. You can check out the video below:

Priscilla Kelly came on everyone’s radar in January when she did the infamous tampon spot. If you are unaware then it is exactly what it sounds like – she took a tampon from her ring gear and shoved it down her opponent’s throat. The footage went viral and even got attention from mainstream media.

Kelly is proud of her work and says that controversial spots like these don’t worry her about blowing off chances of working with companies like WWE.