PROGRESS Announces Show With Kaiju Big Battel

PROGRESS Wrestling has announced that Kaiju Big Battel will be heading to the UK for a very special show on May 4th. The event will be taking place during the Super Strong Style 16 weekender.

The show was originally scheduled to be taking place at The Dome in London’s Tufnell Park. However the demand was so overwhelming that the venue has been changed to Alexandra Palace, this is the same venue as the Strong Style 16 weekender.

Kaiju Big Battel is a company based in Boston created by Rand Borden and David Borden. The company’s performances are parodies of both pro wrestling and the tokusatsu kaiju kaiju eiga film commonly seen in Japan. These matches (or Battels) are presented in the style of pro wrestling contests, with the costume clad performers playing the roles of giant, city-crushing monsters similar to Godzilla. Some notable characters are Dusto Bunny, French Toast, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle and Dr. Cube. Mashable mentioned an in a recent article that “The odd spelling of battel has a simple origin, too. It was misspelled on a t-shirt once, became an inside joke, and then stuck.”

If you have never seen the lunacy that is Kaiju Big Battel then check out the video below: