PROGRESS: Final Entrant for the Super Strong Style 16 Tournament Announced

Moments ago PROGRESS announced Chris Hero as the final entrant in the Super Strong Style 16 Tournament, the full entrant listing for the annual event is now as follows:

  • Sami Callihan,
  • Mikey Whiplash
  • Mark Haskins
  • Tommy End
  • Pete Dunne,
  • Rampage Brown
  • Matt Cross (Lucha Underground’s Son of Havoc)
  • Dave Mastiff,
  • Zack Sabre Jr
  • Mark Andrews
  • Damon Moser
  • Big Daddy Walter
  • Zack Gibson,
  • Kenny Williams
  • 10-Man ENDVR Battle Royal Winner

The two-day event takes place on 29th-30th May at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, the shows have been sold out for months but the on demand service will carry both shows later that week.

If you’ve never checked out a PROGRESS show before then check out Chapter 13, in full, for free on Youtube: