PROGRESS NYC Tag Title Matched Touted as Company’s ‘Best Ever’

PROGRESS held their New York City stop on the #CoastToCoast tour last night from the La Boom venue. One of the announced bouts for the show saw CCK take on IMPACT Wrestling’s LAX for the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships.

By all accounts the match appears to have completely blown away all expectations and several fans in attendance and the company themselves are touting this as the greatest tag match in the company’s history. Ironically, this match shouldn’t of even happened…

CCK member Kid Lykos unfortunately suffered from an injury early in the tour and had to be taken out of the remaining dates. Jon Gresham was brought in as a late replacement to reform the Calamari Catch Kings alongside Chris Brookes which led to this bout. Hopefully this will be available on Demand PROGRESS in the near future.

Check out the reaction from the company and performers below: