PROGRESS Publicly Acknowledge NXT UK Affiliation?

It’s been fairly common knowledge for the past few months but now it is official. PROGRESS’ official Twitter account confirmed today that the 3 owners of the company are indeed affiliated/work at NXT UK. The Wrestling Observer claimed a few months ago that PROGRESS co-owner Jim Smallman would be running the NXT UK promotion. Smallman has been joining WWE and the NXT brand in America at sporadic points over the past few years, seemingly to become ingratiated in the WWE style of running shows.

Jon Briley and Glen Joseph, the other 2 owners of PROGRESS were not previously in the rumors surrounding the running on NXT UK. There is a VERY good chance that PROGRESS are playing with fans, they are known to do that. The PROGRESS Twitter account wrote earlier today because the 3 guys that run PROGRESS also work at NXT UK. Hope that helps.” This was in direct response to a fan question asking why PROGRESS shows had been re-scheduled, the fan claimed that NXT UK was behind it.