PROGRESS World Cup 2018 Entrants Confirmed

PROGRESS has announced that they will be holding a ‘World Cup’ event in London’s Tufnell Park on Wednesday June 13th.

Based on the FIFA World Cup the event will be part of a one night show featuring talents representing countries from all over the globe, specifically from each ‘group’ of the actual World Cup. Several of the performers named for the tournament will be making their debuts for the company in an attempt to truly gift a global feel to the fans in attendance.

The confirmed names are as follows:

  • RUSSIA – Ruslan
  • PORTUGAL – David Francisco
  • AUSTRALIA – Adam Brooks
  • ICELAND – Einar Ironside
  • SWITZERLAND – Oliver Carter
  • GERMANY – Bad Bones
  • ENGLAND – Chuck Mambo
  • JAPAN – Naoki Tanizaki

The tournament will be single elimination with the winner earning a PROGRESS Title shot of their choosing. Tickets will be available from Friday 11th May and are priced at just £19.