Pursuit Airs Wrong Episode Of Impact, Show Now Available For Free

Impact continues to have problems with the Pursuit Channel.

Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling continues to have troubles with their American US broadcast partner, the Pursuit Channel. Previously, Pursuit failed to come back from commercial during a main event match between Michael Elgin and Rich Swann and last night the channel ran the wrong episode of the show.

Instead of airing the most recently produced show, Pursuit re-ran last week’s episode instead.

Impact has since let their fans know last night’s episode is up for free on their Impact Plus App. You don’t need a paid subscription to view the episode, you just need to register for a free account:

The episode is only up for American viewers, however, since the correct episode aired on Impact’s international broadcast partners.

Impact Wrestling Potential New TV Deal

This is the latest in a series of unfortunate events involving Impact on Pursuit. There have also been issues with Pursuit listing Impact Wrestling as four separate 30-minute shows instead of a single 2-hour episode.

Konnan mentioned on his podcast recently that he’d heard Impact was looking at a potential new American broadcast partner in the fall.

Impact Wrestling airs every 10PM on Twitch.tv/impactwrestling. The promotion recently unveiled its revamped Impact Plus app as well. A live event “A Night You Can’t Mist” is planned for tonight from Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.