Quotes From Ric Flair’s Speech At Reid Flair’s Memorial Service

The Charlotte Observer ran a story on Sunday covering the life and death of Reid Flair, who tragically passed away in a Charlotte hotel room on March 29. The article featured quotes from Reid’s mother Beth, and famous father Ric Flair.

Beth Fliehr talked about Reid’s time in Japan, which preceded his death on 3/29. “He was doing so great in Japan,” said Fliehr. “His mind was so clear. He was healthy. Everybody loved Reid over there. For the first time, he was just Reid – not Ric Flair’s son. His worst fear was coming home.”

The article also quoted Ric Flair’s speech from Reid’s memorial service. “I can honestly say I blamed myself the first couple days, but after talking with people I think he’s in a better place and he’s at peace,” said Flair. “Because this had gone on a long time – and something happened that we didn’t have control over. But he’s a wonderful guy. I was so proud of him.”

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