R-Truth Reveals How He Got Into Wrestling, Legendary Rocker Talks Wrestling

– During a recent interview with The National, R-Truth revealed how he got into wrestling:

“I originally wanted to be a rapper and musician. But a guy called Jackie Crockett, who was a senior cameraman for WWE, saw me and convinced me I had a lot more talent than this. He said: ‘You do music, you rap and dance, and you love wrestling. You … have all this athletic ability. I think you’d be a great, great wrestler.’ For once in my life, I actually listened to this guy and the rest is history.”

– Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth spoke about his ties to pro wrestling on a recent episode of his “The Roth Show” Youtube series. In the following video, Roth tells stories about Bruno Sammartino, Sheamus, The Undertaker and more:

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