R-Truth Says He’s Taking The “European Title” To Smackdown

R-Truth is the new 24/7 Champion. He has promised to bring the "European Title" to Smackdown.

R-Truth 24/7 Champion

R-Truth is the new 24/7 Champion. The title was introduced last night by Mick Foley and is open to any Superstar from any brand.

Truth had a referee ready before attacking Robert Roode and winning the title during the 3rd hour of RAW last night. He has since posted the following to Twitter:

Truth may have been in Albany last night as part of the Wild Card rule, or he may have just confused which show he was supposed to be on. Regardless, he’s the new 24/7 Champion and plans on bringing the title to Smackdown tonight.

24/7 Championship

As of this writing, the championship is approximately 10.5 hours old and has changed hands 3 times already. Titus O’Neil was the first to win the title, he did so by simply grabbing the title belt that Foley had left on the ring mat. Robert Roode would then win the title shortly before R-Truth did.

R-Truth Championship Statistics

This is the second title with a 24/7 rule R-Truth has won in WWE. Truth is also a 2x Hardcore Champion as well. He’s a former 2x United States Champion, 1x Tag Team Champion, and won Season 2 of the Mixed Match Challenge with Carmella.