Reby Hardy And Ashley Massaro Exchange Shots On Twitter

Reby Hardy Ashley Massaro
Reby Hardy Ashley Massaro

Reby Hardy had some harsh words for her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley Massaro, on Twitter recently. The matriarch of House Hardy responded to Massaro’s Tweet mentioning she found an old CD burned for her by Matt Hardy in 2005.

Reby Hardy vs Ashley Massaro On Twitter

This led to a series of responses from Reby, including some we are unable to transcribe.

After some time passed, Reby decided to clarify her initial statement.

Massaro then responded.

Massaro appears to have tapped out of the conversation at this point. Naturally, Reby Hardy was not going to let her get the last word.

Her response then required a second Tweet:

Reby’s response then continued into a third Tweet:

Hardy then posted a couple of Tweets not directed at Massaro but addressing their conflict.

“Seems like I dislike a lot of people for ‘no reason’, huh,” Reby Tweeted. “Lemme make it clear: there is ALWAYS a reason. And reason #1 is almost always bc someone enabled, encouraged or supplied drugs to my family. They will NEVER not be called out for it & I will never forget that.”

The former Divas Champion Massaro is currently a DJ for 943 the Shark Radio. She left WWE in 2008 to spend more time with her daughter.

Last summer, a fan tagged Lita in a post with Matt Hardy. Reby then issued a response to that as well.