Renee Young Confirms She Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Renee Young confirmed the news via a tweet

Renee Young
Renee Young

After reports came out that multiple WWE talents across the board have tested positive for coronavirus, backstage announcer Renee Young has confirmed that she is one of the people who have been infected with the deadly virus.

The WWE star confirmed the news in a recent tweet where she mentioned how her show got cancelled and she got coronavirus in a matter of few days:

It hasn’t been long since WWE confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the company and the promotion had released a statement announcing that the person has been in the performance centre recently.

Reports which then came out yesterday stated that multiple people have tested positive for the virus. At first, it was said the number was in single digit.

However, an update on the matter then concerned the fans which suggested that the number of positive cases in the company is in ‘two dozen range’ and now Renee Young has been confirmed as one of the names.

Though since WWE had tested people after the first registered case, it’s likely that the virus did not spread through the development talent who had first tested positive and it has infected the company through a different source.

It’s worth mentioning here that AEW World Champion and the husband of Renee Young, Jon Moxley had pulled out of this week’s AEW Dynamite due to exposure to coronavirus.

This update now confirms where Mox came in contact with the coronavirus and we will now have to see how his own test report turns out to be. We’ll keep you posted on his status.